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The Management Trainee Program has already become a long-standing tradition of companies in the Jeronimo Martins Group. The program aims to "catch" top talent, even at a very early stage of their career, and add turbo-fuel to their career path 馃殌. As a result, program participants in just two years can already aspire to managerial positions in a global organization. Across the Jeronimo Martins Group, this will be the 28th edition of the program. Hebe - due to unrelenting business growth - is joining the Portuguese holding company's portfolio this year and will be looking for people willing to change the "status quo" in terms of e-commerc projects and digital in the broadest sense.

Is it worth taking part in the program? Let the answer be provided by real examples of people currently holding top positions in Group companies (not only in Poland) who are graduates of the Management Trainee Program.

How is the Management Trainee program different from a typical position?

Working in a standard position in a specific department, an employee usually deals with specific tasks related to that area. An analyst? He or she will probably spend most of his or her time on Excel analysis. A social media specialist? Probably will deal with the implementation of social media campaigns. Of course, if such a person wants to develop in another department, nothing stands in the way, but he must be alert and wait for the right opportunity.

By hitting the Management Trainee program, the participant is guaranteed to learn about the business from different perspectives in a very short period of time! During the intensive Trainee period, dedicated to participants of the program from both Hebe and Biedronka, they will participate in projects implemented in different parts of the organization, always touching on a topic related to Hebe's digital development. For a few months they may implement a project in the IT department, to deal with the same aspect for another period, but from the marketing side. During the two-year internship, they will get to know three different departments (e-commerce, digital marketing, e-commerce logistics and/or IT) in each of them spending about 5 months. They will also have the opportunity to see what omnichannel looks like in practice in our stores. The perspective is broad enough that it is sure to be an interesting 2 years!

Choosing the path/area of developmentU

During the recruitment process, we will jointly decide from which area each participant will start their adventure at Hebe and what the next steps of the Program will look like. After the first year, Trainees will have the opportunity to show the effects of their work at a meeting with Jeronimo Martins Group executives. This is also the moment when we will jointly answer the question: is Hebe and JM Group the place for each of them. If so, they will have the opportunity to follow a managerial or expert path. If they decide to develop somewhere else, that will also be fine!

The program provides Comprehensive Development

The comprehensive development in the management program includes the development of both business competencies (Participants will understand retail really well), functional competencies (working in digital, certain tools you just have to know), and soft competencies - such as communication, self-awareness, mental toughness and other key business aspects. All tailored to the program participants with a personalized approach.

If you dream of a dynamic career that offers you not only the opportunity for advancement, but also continuous growth and professional satisfaction, then our management program is perfect for you. Join us today and start your path to professional success!


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