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At Hebe, we focus on internal talent development. More than 70% of our employees working in leadership positions have developed internally.

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We are not slowing down! Hebe is still the fastest growing chain on the cosmetics market in Poland, making it the best place to work at the moment for people who want to start building their careers or care about continuing them.

Modern work tools, rapid adaptation to a changing environment, and the largest cafeteria training package on the market support the development of our employees to higher roles in the team.

We are proud that our store colleagues see and appreciate that the internal development of Employees is a priority for us.

Based on the EVP survey conducted among our 2022 Employees.

Did you know that 90% of our District Managers previously managed one
From our drugstores?

Your potential career path

Sales consultant


He takes care of direct contact and selection of the best products to meet the individual needs of our customers. Ensures the availability of the assortment in the store and takes care of the aesthetics of the display and the timeliness of prices. Multitasking, open-minded people who love contact with people will be ideal in this role.

Assistant Store Manager


Supports the Store Manager in building a friendly work atmosphere and an engaged team. Monitors the implementation of tasks and established business goals. Charismatic, unafraid of responsibility and solution-oriented individuals will do well in this role.



Takes care of the organization of the work of the entire team. Delegates and monitors the performance of tasks and objectives. Responsible for maximizing profit and meeting business indicators. This job is ideal for people who can "pull" people along, understand market mechanisms and want to support the team in daily tasks and challenges.



Working in the field, supports the work of leaders in several subordinate locations. Responsible for the smooth flow of information between the Central Office and the stores in the District. Undertakes business development activities. This is a dream job for people who skillfully manage priorities, able to manage a team in a distributed structure.

Positions in the Central Office


They support the work of the Distribution Center, as well as stores in Poland and Europe. A diverse team and a flat structure allow a lot of freedom of action and implementation of their own ideas for business development. This is an ideal job for people who are ambitious, flexible and responsible at the same time.

Average time on the job for promotion 11 months.

Over 80% leadership cadres have been promoted internally.

Operations Development Program

This is a package of 3 development programs to support growth into senior roles from Assistant Store Manager to District Manager. Tailor-made by our experienced leaders and trainers, they allow our store teammates to prepare in advance to take on higher positions.

During each program we offer broadening business awareness And to explore the self, by participating in research Competency and behavioral.

Distribution center

We are not slowing down! Hebe is still the fastest growing chain on the cosmetics market in Poland. Thanks to the continuous expansion of stores in Poland and Europe, our employees have ample opportunities to develop their careers.

The clearly defined structure of positions at Our Center allows you to build a development plan, and with the additional support of talent programs, career planning is a "snap."

Did you know that 60%

our team

are they women?

Your potential career path

at the Main Office

Did you know that the weight of our containers is limited to 12 kg?

95% Vacancies for senior positions are filled through career advancement.


As the first in the market We have launched a development program for employees in warehouse positions. More than 50 employees have already enrolled in the Hebe Log program.

The aim of the program is to identify employees with potential for development for office positions in the Distribution Center or the General Office. Participants learn about the work of administrators and specialists in the various sections and undergo an induction in the Hebe store. The next step is MS Excel training, and a Polish language course for foreign-speaking employees. The program culminates with training at the Main Office in the Supply Chain Department.

Main office

We are not slowing down! Hebe is still the fastest growing chain on the cosmetics market in Poland. Thanks to the continuous expansion of stores in Poland and Europe, our employees have ample opportunities to develop their careers.

With over a decade of experience in developing top talent for managerial roles, you can count on clear developmental guidance and actions to develop you and your professional competence from the beginning of your adventure with Hebe.

Did you know that the average
age of employees

Our office

it's 31 years?

Your potential career path

Group positions
Jeronimo Martins

95% Our specialists are implementing development plans.

60% Our managers have been promoted, from specialist positions


This is a development program for Assistants and Specialists who want to expand their business knowledge, functional skills and also soft skills. It is geared towards going beyond the area in which one works on a daily basis and interdepartmental cooperation.

During the 10-month program, participants build their business awareness, self-awareness and measure themselves
With various challenges.

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